November’s Cardiff Blog Club

November’s Cardiff Blog Club

November Blub photoBack in September we introduced Cardiff Blog Club, a monthly(-ish) event separate to our main events where bloggers can meet up during a Sunday daytime and all work on their blogs together, whether it be writing posts, making back-end tweaks or simply sharing tips and advice.

The idea behind the Blog Club (a.k.a. Blub) is to motivate those who struggle to blog on their own, to give you a dedicated time and space to get cracking and make some progress in a co-working atmosphere. We’ve had a few people ask about it and there’s been some confusion as to its purpose and what to expect if you come along, so with our 2nd one (which we held at FoundersHub on Sunday), we tweeted a fair bit about what everyone was up to and featured some photos, all tagged with the #cdfblogclub hashtag. Here’s a Storify story containing all the relevant tweets:

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  1. Chris Thomas says:

    Great to see some encouragement for the independent bloggers out there. Fantastic idea.

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